Top 10 Online Tools to Level-Up your Development Skills

Top 10 Online Tools to Level-Up your Development Skills

Being a developer is hard. Developers must be creative to solve problems and come up with solutions. They must have the ability to think outside the box, break things down into smaller pieces, and rebuild them again. Many developers just have a passion for coding but they give up just because they don't feel the grind is worth it. But what makes development a wholesome experience is a good developer community, having a set of tools that will skyrocket your productivity and make the overall coding experience fun.

To become a better developer you need tools that help you level up your skills faster and become more efficient in your work. Today we will have a look at 10 AWESOME online dev tools that will enable you to develop like a pro within no time. So let’s get started! Read on to know more.

1. LeetCode

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - LeetCode

LeetCode is one of the best tools to use if you want to improve your problem-solving skills. On LeetCode, there are more than 2,000 problems that you can solve to build your programming skills. Problem-solving is an essential piece in the jigsaw puzzle of development and there's no better way to master it than using LeetCode.

If you are preparing for coding interviews, it is one of the best platforms you should try out. LeetCode is also home to a very big community of like-minded coders who share their solutions with line-by-line explanations that enable you to get hints whenever you are stuck.

2. Stack Overflow

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A forum for developers. You can ask any programming-related questions and get feedback from developers around the world who have previously answered the same question. There is not a single doubt that goes unanswered in Stack Overflow and it is widely considered the Google of software engineering.

But here's the thing. I have seen many coders directly copy-paste solutions from Stack Overflow without understanding why that snippet of code works. This is something you shouldn't do, especially if you want to become a good developer. Harness the power of Stack Overflow in a proper way and no one can stop you in the long run!

3. GitHub

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - GitHub

GitHub is a repository and collaboration tool for developers. You can create repositories to host all your code and manage the relationships with other developers who are working on the same project. You can collaborate on projects by creating issues and commits, assigning issues to other developers, and proposing changes to the project. GitHub is a must-have developer tool as it helps you create and store code, manage relationships with other developers, and coordinate projects.

4. Hashnode

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - Hashnode

Reading technical articles to understand key concepts is very necessary for developers. As a developer, you would like to have a tool or platform from which you can learn any programming language or framework from scratch, and this is where Hashnode comes into play.

Hashnode is one such developer-friendly blogging platform where people write articles on technical concepts and share their learnings. Hashnode is a great platform where you can learn concepts which you never knew about. From trending technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript, Next.Js, and Machine Learning to the OGs like Java and PHP, you will find interesting articles on literally everything here.

And not only as a reader, but you can use Hashnode to document your own journey as a developer. You can write about what you learnt, how you managed to build an application from scratch and educate aspiring developers with technical how-tos.

Hashnode is indeed one of the most useful tools you should be using if you are to grow as a developer.

5. IntelliJ IDEA

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA is a powerful and easy-to-use Java IDE. It has support for many languages and includes a coding autocompletion feature for Java, Spring, and Spring Boot applications. You get an in-built version control system, integrated terminal, debuggers, and other developer tools which qualifies this tool into our list. It also has code analysis and formatting tools that can help you stay organized. The autocompletion feature especially, and easy navigation tools take your development experience to a whole new level.

6. MDN Web Docs

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs is a collection of the most popular and up-to-date web development resources. You can use these resources to learn new techniques and build modern web apps. You can search through thousands of articles and tutorials to find what you’re looking for. You can also create your own custom learning path using the adaptive learning tool. MDN Web Docs is a one-stop toolkit for developers to learn and level up quickly.

You can't call yourself a developer if you haven't come across Mozilla Developer Docs yet. This is one of the most credible sources of information you can get related to any development concept.

7. YouTube

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - YouTube

YouTube is a great resource for developers to view videos on different topics related to coding. You can find videos on data structures, algorithms, libraries, design patterns, and many other subjects related to software development. You can also find tutorials on how to use certain tools or APIs. YouTube is an amazing tool for developers to stay on top of their game and keep levelling up.

On that note, subscribe to the Coding Minutes YouTube channel here


Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - is a website containing community-curated roadmaps, study plans, guides and resources for aspiring developers. It started as a set of charts to guide developers who are confused about their next career path. But to give students a better experience, its founder, Kamran Ahmed, decided to include more features and turned it into a complete website.

Here you will get comprehensive roadmaps on how to become a Frontend or Backend developer, how to master React, Angular, NodeJS, JavaScript and many more. This tool is used by many students and we suggest you have a look at it for early guidance.

9. Grepper Extension

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve your Development Skills - Code Grepper

Grepper is a chrome extension that displays your search results in an editor format. When you search for a particular query, Grepper scans through multiple sites on the internet and gives exactly the answer you needed. Not only that, but you can also save your answers in the editor format. Developers generally spend a huge amount of time searching the internet for possible bug fixes and with Grepper, you can get the answer you wanted in seconds!

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve as a developer - Grepper

You can even contribute to Grepper by providing solutions to most-asked questions, and earn along the way. If I were to suggest one chrome extension for developers, it would be Grepper hands down.

10. CodinGame

Top 10 Online Tools to Improve as a developer - CodinGame

CodinGame is a free coding challenge website that lets you solve programming problems and test your problem-solving skills. You can choose from a variety of puzzles, review your solution, and use the grading system to track your progress. You can solve puzzles from different categories like data structures, algorithms and software engineering.

This is for those who get demotivated easily by doing the same old thing every day. Attention spans nowadays are at an all-time low and with CodinGame, you get a gamified learning experience where you'll enjoy every second of the learning process.

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