Blog Series contents

Blog Series contents

Introduction: Professional software development, Software engineering ethics, Case studies. Software processes: Software process models, Process activities, Coping with change, The rational unified process.

Agile software development: Agile methods, Plan-driven and agile development, Extreme programming, Agile project management, Scaling agile methods. Requirements engineering: Functional and non-functional requirements, The software requirements document, Requirements specification, Requirements engineering processes, Requirements elicitation and analysis, Requirements validation, Requirements management.

System modelling: Context models, Interaction models, Structural models, Behavioral models, Model-driven engineering. Architectural design: Architectural design decisions, Architectural views, Architectural patterns, Application architectures.

Design and implementation, Object-oriented design using UML, Design patterns Implementation issues, Open source development.

Software testing, Development testing, Test-driven development, Release testing, User testing. Dependability properties, Availability and reliability, Safety Security.