Top 10 Ways to Earn Money as a Programmer

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money as a Programmer

In today’s world, there are plenty of ways to make money. People are more focused on creating multiple income streams as nobody knows when a recession would strike and you get laid off from your current job. As for software developers or entry-level programmers, the prospect of earning money from a side hustle is huge.

Programming might not be for everyone, but it’s a great side income idea for people who love solving logical problems and figuring out how things work. It can also be an excellent entry-level job that teaches you skills you can use in any field. With so many software companies looking to hire developers, programming as a side gig makes sense — and it can be a great way to make some money while also learning new skills that you may find useful in other fields in the future.

Whether you’re working as a full-time developer or you want to explore more opportunities with programming as a side job, these 10 amazing ways to make money with programming will help you along the way.

Without further ado, let's dive deep into it!

1. Freelance Freelance Freelance!

If you have the programming skills and want to be your own boss, you can start freelancing and create your own schedule. You can start with basic tasks like completing programming projects or performing debugging and maintenance tasks. You can also do advanced tasks like creating new programs, designing software, and creating new projects on programming platforms. As you can see, programming as a side gig is a great way to make some money while also learning new skills that you may find helpful in other fields.

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Freelancing is considered to be a very promising option for programmers provided they have sufficient time to do so. Not many have the time to freelance, but if you do, then I would strongly suggest you try your hands on freelancing at least once.

One of my friends earns close to $2k/month as a freelancer. That's even higher than the average monthly salary of Software Developers in India with 3-4 years of experience. Many foreign startups hire people on a contractual basis and pay much more than what Indians earn from their full-time jobs. With proper networking and skillset, you can grab those opportunities too!

Popular freelancing platforms you can get started with:

2. Write and sell eBooks

Programming has become a necessity for many professions and fields of work, and this has resulted in a significant demand for programming guides and how-tos. You can create eBooks to fill this demand and make some money doing so. You can write about the most complex concepts of computer programming and make them easy to understand using the correct terminology and language. Most good writing skills are a part of being a programmer, and publishing your eBooks can be a great way to practice those skills and make some money.

eBooks are a great source to do branding. eBooks and other informative content circulate like crazy on LinkedIn and Telegram and thousands of people will notice your content and your work.

3. Teach programming skills to students

How to make money through coding

You can teach programming skills to students of all ages who want to learn the art of coding, and this can be a great way to make some cash while also expanding your teaching skills.

4. Start a podcast

Podcasting might not be mainstream yet, but it’s gaining popularity and there are already a large number of podcasts on all topics and industries. If you love talking about topics related to coding, you can start your own podcast and monetize it through advertising, sponsorship, or paid subscriptions. Podcast networks like SoundCloud and Spotify allow you to set up an account, create your podcast, and start publishing and monetizing your content. You can also set up ads on your podcast and make some cash.

How to earn money as a coder

You can use podcasts to guide students about do's and dont's of programming. Podcasts aren't the best way to teach people but you can definitely invite other speakers and pioneers from the industry for an honest talk on career and interview tips for a good coding career. Many students turn to podcasts to seek career guidance and motivation and you will start making money if your content is relevant enough.

5. Research and write programming blogs

If you love researching and writing about programming topics, you can monetize your passion by monetizing your skills by monetizing your knowledge through programming blogs. You can research topics related to programming and write blog posts about these topics. You can sell your blog posts or allow others to freely use them on your blog. Once you have a large number of blog posts published on programming topics, you can monetize them through various ad networks or monetize them through various affiliate marketing programs.

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How to make money as a programmer 52.png We recommend using popular platforms like Hashnode to publish articles as it is very developer friendly and offers a wide range of features. Other platforms include Medium and Dev. Alternatively, you can set up your own WordPress blog page and post articles and listicles.

Start publishing articles regularly, maintain consistency, make SEO-friendly content and then see how the earnings go up!

6. Sell your own written code and software

You can sell your own written code and software and provide services related to the code. You can use online marketplaces like Code Market and Code Canyon to post your code and sell it. You can also use websites like GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket to post other programming software. You can use various ad networks or monetize your programs through affiliate marketing programs to earn money from these sources.

Softwares don't come for cheap and you can make a lot of money if you make build one which is full of features, provides a good user experience and provides multi-device support.

7. Contribute To Open-Source Software

Open Source contributions have been doing the rounds for several years now but now it is slowly taking shape as one of the most prominent skills a developer should have. As a coder, it is important to write code. But it is more important to understand an existing block of code and improve that.

Many programming jobs require you to work on open-source software, where you can contribute your ideas to improve this software and earn some money in the process. You can use programming platforms like GitHub to contribute to open-source software projects. You can post your ideas to improve this software and earn some money in the process.

How to make money with code Top Open Source repositories you can contribute to in 2022:

Python Open Source Repositories:

C++ Open Source Repositories:

Java Open Source Repositories:

8. Create a YouTube channel

Coding Minutes YouTube channel If you’re interested in creating videos and don't feel shy in front of the camera, then starting out with a YouTube channel makes perfect sense. Lakhs of students study in college but only a few are able to prosper due to the lack of guidance. If you feel confident about your skills then you can start uploading videos of tutorials or stuff related to interview preparation and career guidance.

9. Become a Subject Matter Expert

If you are good at programming and want to help other students by solving their doubts, you can become a Subject Matter Expert or a Teaching Assistant.

These are roles which require you to solve the student's doubts at your own availability and you can earn money based on the hours you put in or the number of doubts you solve.

You can apply for a Subject Matter Expert (SME) role in leading Ed. Tech companies and start earning.

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10. Participate in Hackathons

Many tech companies organize hackathons to bring together developers and create new ideas and programs. Participating in these hackathons and creating new hacks can earn you some money. You can create your own hackathon and invite developers to work on it and create new programs.

If you are a student and have a disruptive idea in mind, you can form a team of like-minded people with good development prowess and start participating in hackathons. International hackathon prizes go up to as high as $1 million. I won't sound too ambitious here, but even if you land a podium finish in a national-level hackathon or win a hackathon organized by your university, the rewards you get are pretty lucrative!

How to earn money as a coder

Best platforms to search for hackathons

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