Top 5 in-demand Programming Languages to learn in 2022

Top 5 in-demand Programming Languages to learn in 2022

The demand for good coders is skyrocketing. The IT industry is quickly expanding, necessitating the employment of more talent capable of working in a range of programming sectors. You will need comprehensive coding knowledge as well as exceptional problem-solving skills to become the ultimate Software Developer.

During the COVID pandemic, almost every industry suffered severe financial blows, but not the IT Industry. It was the collective effort of software developers due to whom we had a good time staying at home, using social media apps, binge-watching movies and ordering food online. But to be a developer, you need to start by learning a programming language.

When you explore Coding for the very first time, the first question that pops up is - Which language should I learn first?

There are more than 700 programming languages in the world

Today, we're going to talk about the programming languages that I think are the best. According to Wikipedia, more than 700 programming languages exist today. Staggering isn't it? Well, it should be noted that different programming languages exist since they have different utility and relevance in a particular domain as compared with the others.

But before I reveal the list, I want to tell you something noteworthy. This might sound controversial but I'd say that my list of the best programming languages wouldn't make a lot of sense to many readers. What does it mean if I tell you the names of languages here? Does that mean that if my list doesn't contain any of the languages you are learning or have already learnt, your life is over and you'll never be a good coder? No way! Not at all!

It depends on the tech stack you want to pursue and the job role you want to apply for.

What if you learnt a different language?

Based on your career path, if Golang is the best programming language, and I end up not including it in my list, does that make Golang useless? Definitely not!

Are you a student or a worker? Where are you in your career, and what do you want to do in the future? Or are you a web or Android developer? It has a lot to do with these factors.

You can't tell an Android developer that if they learn C, they'll be good at Android. No! If he wants to make apps for Android, he has to learn languages that are compatible with Android.

Top programming languages in the world.png


You can see the graph, presented by Google Trends, showing people's interest in Programming Languages over time

NOTE: I'll tell you which programming languages I think are the best. If your language isn't on this list, that doesn't mean it's not good. Don't worry, I'll justify each of my picks as well.

1) Javascript


My first pick would be Javascript, and the reason for this is that the way Javascript is changing over time is absolutely mind-blowing. For example, new frameworks like React and Angular have emerged, and React itself has been improved in NextJs and NuxtJs. Many other things are also coming to Javascript, such as Strapi JS headless CMS, which used to exist in the past but is no longer used. Then there are Content Managers like, NodeJs, and ExpressJs. Who doesn't use NodeJs and ExpressJs these days?

If I talk about databases, the most popular one would be MongoDB, which works well with JavaScript. Another reason why I want to talk about JavaScript is that personally, I've made significant money from it. I used Javascript to do a lot of excellent projects and learnt a lot. And that is why I will always vouch for JavaScript.

2) Python


Second, comes the good old Python, and I say "old" because it has been a top choice for both beginners and professionals for years. In my whole life, I have never found a language as exciting as Python. Python is unique to my heart because it has helped me do exemplary projects in fields such as Machine Learning and Automation.

If you could possibly make money by coding, my first suggestion will be Python.

How easy it is to do work with Python?

For example, if we talk about scripting or web development, the popular Python frameworks Django and Flask are better than most. These frameworks have changed or improved in such an excellent way that I now love them very much. If I ever want to make something with Python packages and want to show it to the public, I'll use Django or Flask.

I can't think of many reasons why you shouldn't use Python because Python is such a great programming language that it's always in use, and I think it will also do well in the future.

3) C / C++ & JAVA


My third choice would be C, C++ along with Java. Why do I keep C, C++, or JAVA here?

Because I believe learning C, C++, or JAVA is significant. You can learn memory management from C and C++ and learn a lot about programming from JAVA.

For 90% of the programmers in India, it is essential to start their coding journey with C, C++ or Java. Hence, this shouldn't be overlooked.


JAVA is a programming language that can teach you the basics of programming and get you into "Android" simultaneously. It can get you into back-end web development or general scripting, and you can also get a good handle on competitive programming, so I think it's an extraordinary language.

It clears your concepts of Object-Oriented Programming also known as “OOPS”.

- C/C++

Then the names C and C++ come up because there is no better way to learn to program than with these languages. The languages I mentioned are still the best ways to learn to program, and languages like C and C++ also help you learn how to deal with memory.

Most Programmers learn C/C++ as their first language for placements and for Competitive Programming.



The fourth language is called RUST. Rust is a modern language that is used a lot these days. It was named after the Rust Fungi because it sounds like "Robust". Its development began in 2006 and the first version came out in 2010, and the "RUST Foundation" was set up in 2021. It was a big deal.

Because of this, they didn't have jobs, which is why there were a lot of questions and worries about keeping RUST going. Finally, in 2021, the RUST Foundation was created, which turned out to be a great idea because it ensured RUST would keep going. People say that RUST is like a modern version of C or C++ because it has the same feel and can do everything C or C++ can.

Google also said that RUST could be used instead of C and C++ in Android open source projects, which is good. It means you can now learn RUST and use it to build Android apps, which is very exciting. I'm still looking forward to RUST, and I think it has a very bright future.

Last but not the least, and I say "not the least," because if your language isn't in these languages, it doesn't mean that the language you're learning is useless or that all your hard work will be for nothing. It's not at all like that.

5) Swift

Swift 1.png

I want to mention "Swift" because it is used to make applications in Apple's ecosystem, and many people use Apple products. If you are able to build good apps for iOS, you could make a lot of money as iOS apps sell for a lot of money and moreover, they have a premium image. Swift is easy to use and fast and Apple says you should learn it as your first programming language. I can't entirely agree with Apple's opinion here, but it is your choice.

They say, "It is good that even a beginner can take Swift as his/her first programming language to get into programming". You can do anything, and there are many things you can do, but is this the best way to do them? That's the question, so I don't think it's a good idea to learn Swift as your first programming language, but other people's thoughts matter a lot.


And as I told you, you don't have to worry if your language isn't on this list. Programming basics are the same, but your current profile might be different.

For example, if "XYZ" language is taught in your college, you should focus on it because college grades are also important. If XYZ language is used in your company and you want to grow there, then it doesn't matter what the top programming languages are; you should focus on your XYZ language.

You have to know yourself and use your intelligence. I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you liked reading these, click "Like."

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